Meet The Garrison

Angry Fox – Garrison Lord Chancellor

I was born, at a very young age, to a Lord and Lady of a grand manor and extensive estate. Having gone through a period of misbehaviour and misdemeanours I was, at the age of ten years, sent to a famously brave knight as his squire to be trained for knighthood. My father, of course, had to pay for my training and sent me off with a large purse of gold coins to make the relevant payment. Needless to say, I had a wonderful time with the money. On finding out the extent of my antics, my father disinherited me and by the age of sixteen years I was in a sorry place roaming the country taking what I could from whoever I could. Eventually I arrived at the castle and by cunning and connivance, managed to convinced those who mattered that I was a Lord and Knight returning from the crusades where I had made a name for myself in many of the battles we fought. It was at this time I earned the name ‘Angry Fox’ due to my boasted cunningness and disposition during the heat of battle. By the time I was twenty, my fame was such that I was beseeched to take on the position of chancellor of the castle garrison. This position enabled me to gather round me the Sires, Knights, their Squires and Ladies with whom I had associated over the years. Angry Fox is now the Lord chancellor of the garrison. My prime responsibilities are to ensure the correct use and storage of all weapons together with maintaining a high level of tuition to all those requesting such in the art of archery. In addition, I collect the taxes from the many varlets who dare to enter the castle expecting to be entertained with sword fights, archery, and the firing of a trebuchet in we have the pleasure of launching projectiles in the direction of Black Weasel.

Now, with my past buried behind me, the garrison stably around me plus the wealth accumulated from the gathered taxes. Life is now exactly as it should be.

Rhodri Glamorgan ap Arthur, Bleiddian Wyn – Scribe

Long time associate and former squire to the Black Weasel

Earned the name Wolf in his youth for the cunning and deadly raids he carried out in skirmishes in the holy lands. Now he is getting old and his hair is turning gray, some of the younger ones started referring to him affectionately as the WhiteWolf.

Considered to be very dangerous and good at staying alive , well bad soldiers don’t live long enough to get gray hair.

Suspected of smuggling religious relics from the holy land. Rumoured to have crossed the Bishop of Bath and Wells who was expecting to receive one very valuable relic. The bones of a blessed baby. He was not happy to discover that what he got was some left over chicken bones from a meal the the Wolf and the Black Weasel had shared on their travels. The real bones are now believed to be the prize possession of the Black Weasel. They say he carries them in a little chest on his belt.

It is believed the bishop wants ether the bones or the Wolf’s head on a spike ( preferably both.)

Believed to be lying low in a castle in North Wales whilst the Bishop calms down. Rumoured to disguised as a Templar Sargent much of the time.

Black Weasel – Keeper of the purse

The black weasel  sometimes disguised as  a Templar knight , Don’t get him confused with the White Wolf !

Ednyfed Fychan ap Cynwrig

(Efnyfed son of Cynwrig)

Welsh warrior, slayer and beheader of noblemen. Always well armed (despite his short arms). Ednyfed was born to the house of Tudor c.1170 in the Kingdom of Gwynedd. He was to become the seneschal (Chief Councillor|Prime Minister|Chief Justice) serving Llywelyn the Great and later also Llywelyn’s son Dafydd ap Llywelyn. Ednyfed had two wives during his life with whom he had several children – three of which are members of our garrison – Goronwy ap Ednyfed, Tudur ap Ednyfed (the garrison’s blacksmith) and Angharad ap Ednyfed – one of the  garrison’s many Lady warriors. Two of his grandchildren are also garrison members. Ednyfed beheaded three English Lords in battle and presented them to Llywelyn in tribute – an act that was commemorated by order of the Prince by the inclusion of three severed heads on Ednyfed’s family coat of arms, watch out for his shield as he guards the castle. [The crest can also be seen in several local locations including Plas Mawr in Conwy]. Ednyfed has a Motte and Bailey castle atop Bryn Euryn hill near Rhos on Sea – later replaced by Llys Euryn Manor c.15th century. Llywelyn the Great was so pleased with Ednyfeds loyalty that he proclaimed that all descendants of Ednyfed’s grandfather could hold their lands throughout Wales free from all dues and services other than military service in time of war. Be careful if you meet him on your ways around the castle – he is well known for turning any conversation into his mother tongue (Welsh) or suddenly blowing his trumpet to assemble the garrison.


The youngest and probably laziest member of the garrison, Muttley can be found pinching food from Mother Wagstaff’s table and trailing behind the other members as they go about their business. He spends his day dodging trebuchet missiles on the firing range and going missing when there is heavy lifting to be done. He dreams of becoming a knight or man at arms but unless he starts taking his training more seriously, he’ll be carrying water and fuel for Mother Wagstaff until he is old and grey.

Mother Wagstaff

A woman wise in the ways of herbs and ointments as well as being well aware of the mischief that other members of the garrison get up to on a regular basis. She attempts to ensure that everyone is well fed and that all ailments are cared for according to the lore of all wise women before her. She won’t thank you for calling her a witch, she doesn’t hold with the new-fangled ideas of the wealthier classes doctors but will happily recommend a herbal tincture to soothe whatever ails you. You can find her educating and entertaining children and parents alike with tales of dragons and the medicinal properties of snails, all whilst keeping an eye out for that ne’er do well Black Weasel and the lazy squire Muttley!

The Druid

Goronwy ap Ednyfed

(Son of Ednyfed Fychan)

Goronwy will become seneschal to Llywelyn ap Gruffudd (upon Ednyfed Fychan’s death). He is remembered by welsh chroniclers for his wisdom and integrity as well as his ability in arms. An expert in the use, improvement and adaptation of arms especially ballistic weapons. Goronwy also led many negotiations with the Marcher Lords – for which he amended his family coat of arms. His fathers coat of arms had three English Lords severed heads which would not go down well with the Lords so he amended it to have 3 helmets to replace the heads. A form of medieval political correctness. Watch out for the adapted Coat of Arms on his shield. According to the Chronicler Bout y Tywysogion Goronwy is ” … a man excellent in arms, generous with gifts, wise in counsel and pleasant in words”. If you are an English Lord Do Not admit this to Goronwy if you wish to keep your head firmly fixed to your shoulders.

The Master Blacksmith

From the age of nine years old, Liam spent many years carrying charcoal, pumping the bellows, cleaning tools, cleaning the smithy floor and did all the other things that a blacksmith’s apprentice would be expected to do.

During all these years he diligently watched everything the blacksmith did in order to learn all that he could about how to become a blacksmith in the hope that he would one day himself be a master blacksmith.

As he got older, Liam got weary of waiting to be his own master but one day, unexpectedly, his opportunity arose – the master blacksmith had mysteriously disappeared without trace – nowhere to be seen. While a search ensued, Liam took the opportunity to carry on the blacksmith’s duties. Some locals claim that there was an odd smell coming from the smoke from the forge’s chimney during the following days (and, oddly, nights) but it was assumed that the new blacksmith – Liam – was either burning a new or different charcoal or forging new metals and was working overnight in a bid to complete an important commission. The mystery of the old master blacksmith’s disappearance was never solved.

Liam soon became known as the area’s new Master Blacksmith, even working his way up to becoming the king’s favourite blacksmith. Little did the English king know that his favourite blacksmith was in fact a Welshman – Liam had worked his way into an English castle and was using his position to gain inside information that he could pass on to his fellow countrymen. Liam managed to pass on this information without being found out by using a code in his hammering on the anvil – a sound that could easily be heard by his friends outside the castle walls. His secret was never revealed, he remained the castle’s Master Blacksmith until his last breath. His code was, several hundred years later to be used again with new technology – called Morse code, perhaps it should have been called the blacksmith’s code?

He can still be heard sometimes today, eerily passing on his messages from within the castle walls – listen carefully, you might hear him…..can you decipher his messages?

Korppi Soturi

The Raven Warrior After sailing from Finland to the west in 854. Mighty warrior Knut the Tall set up camp in Gwynedd (whereabouts unknown). Generations later, one of his descendants Korppi Soturi (real name unknown) found himself in Caernarfon castle at ends with the Templar Knights, through battle and diplomacy eventually ended up as an associate of the garrison, though they still butt heads every now and then. Though little is known about his past, he may share a tale with you in exchange for some mead.


Phil The Bailiff

Originally a carpenter during the towns reconstruction after the fire in 1294 now my character is one of the 15 bailiffs for Caernarfon in the year 1310 helping out in the towns courts and keeping the ‘peace’. Sympathetic to the house of Aberffraw often I am involved in getting in some of the more rebellious types into the town to help their cause. My equipment ive inherited from my hiberno-norse father who settled in Caernarfon to work on the construction of the castle.


Simple town girl who is the daughter of a tailor. Can be seen practicing needlepoint around the castle.

Medicus Mortis

Occasionally seen wandering the castle.


Identity unknown

Age unknown

Origins unknown


Will cure you but surviving is not guaranteed.