Beginners Course 23-07-22

Another beginners course successfully completed with incredible results from all those who attended!

Collecting Arrows

“Archery is not a sprint, it’s a journey”

Head Coach – Ian Hughes

Even with all the information and feedback they received all our beginners performed spectacularly. With expert coaching from head coach Ian Hughes & session coach Bob Jones, with assistance from events organizer Tecwyn Evans & digital officer Ben Corey-Nuttall.

It was a long day for all the beginner but they persevered and got through a 7 hour course full of:

  • Welcoming & introductions
  • Safety & Equipment
  • Warm up exercises
  • Archery basics
  • Barebow shooting
  • Sight shooting
  • Barebow & Mediterranean grip
  • The governing body, the club & our affiliates
  • Bow takedown & club equipment
Posture exercise with session coach Bob Jones

All of us here at Red Dragon Archers want to congratulate all the beginners who attended and we hope to see you soon and that you join us as full members.