The Archery GB Progress Awards are designed to provide beginners and younger archers with awards for developing their archery skills. The junior age groups are aligned with 5 educational key stages. The scheme can also be used as an adult beginner incentive.

The scheme is open to all archers and is operated by archery clubs or by schools, youth groups and similar who practice target archery. There is no requirement for the recipients to be members of Archery GB, although many will be.

There will be a Roll of Honour for those archers achieving the Gold badge, but their names must be registered with the badge scheme co-ordinator. There will also be a Trophy for the Club or School achieving the most number of badges in one year, but again the individual badges must be registered in the same way as the gold award.

FITA Target Awards are for achievement in shooting other FITA rounds, namely the FITA 70m round, the 50m compound round, the half FITA round, the FITA 900 round and the FITA Indoor 25m and 18m rounds.

These awards can only be claimed at World Record Status events.

WAA awards two series of badges to archers achieving specified scores indoors or outdoors.  Badges are free to WAA members and may be bought for a small charge by non-members. Each level of badge may be claimed only once.

Dragons are the indoor award.  They are awarded only for Portsmouth rounds.

Daffodils are the outdoor award.  They are awarded for rounds in the York (Gentlemen), Hereford (Ladies) and Bristol (Juniors according to age group) series.