Achievement Awards

Improvers Medal

The Improvers Medal will be awarded to one member of each category annually. The medal will be based on scoring. To participate each archer must complete a score sheet by the end of September – this will be the starting score, this gives each participating 11 months to improve, the medal will be awarded to the archer who score has improved the most for example – in September archer 1 score was 112 and archer 2 score was 123 but then in august archer 1 score is 145 and archer 2 score is 153 the archer being awarded the meddle is archer 1 as they have a higher improvement.

Club Championship trophy 

The club championships run like a standard tournament where  all participating archers will be paired they will then shoot against each other , the winner of each pair will then advance in to the next round and be re pared until there is 2 remaining archers to comet for the winning title. the club championships are avail;able for both seniors and Juniors and the trophies will be handed out annually at the AGM.