About Us

Our Story

Red Dragon Archers was established in May 2011 due to the desire to increase the participation of a deprived sport into a wider community opening new opportunities for people. This started at an Insport event which, with the help from the Disability Sports officer allowed for a net and targets acting as the basis of their range needs. With further help from Sport Wales they were able to get their first grant which allowed them to purchase crucial kit and rent space at Arfon Tennis Centre to start the first 10 sessions.

Since then the club has gone from strength to strength especially on 19th March 2012 were they moved to Red Line Indoor Go Karting Centre. Throughout their development as a club they have expanded into the community through working at different events doing have a go sessions. As archery is an inclusive sport they have been highly involved with events such as Insport and Motive8 where they worked with people of different ability.

This has encouraged more people into joining the club. Most recently they have had one visually impaired member who has attended the World Championships Para Archery where he successfully won a bronze medal through their training and support, only 18 months after his introduction to the sport. The story of this one archer has started to inspire the younger generation as a junior archer has started and is also visually impaired. They have also helped out in Llandudno at a showcase event for the blind linking with other further communities offering new opportunities. Since working with Insport the club in February 2012 received its insport ribbon and works to maintaining and improving their position to work with people of different abilities.

On a local basis in Caernarfon they have done numerous have a go events including historical sites such as the Roman Fort for Living History Days. In addition to History Days they have helped at a corporate event in Llynnon Mill working with people of different nationality. As well as this they had more opportunities for have a go’s at the segontium and at the Caernarfon Show in July 2013. More recently they have become a garrison of archers teaching have a go’s in Caernarfon Castle working in partnership  Cadw. These have a go events have helped both Archery spread across different areas and has also had more people visiting the castle to have a go and interact with the garrison.

In 2019 The club moved to a new bigger venue ‘Bryn Derw Farm’ – this is a venue of great potential as it is 28m by 72m giving them the luxury to shoot 60 meters indoors which is a first for any North Wales club. They are looking forward to developing in this new venue to fulfill their and their members goals as best possible. Their goal was to increase the participation of a deprived sport into a wider community opening up new opportunities for people which they have achieved but they want to further help and develop the sport and the local community including fostering new spirits and raising such spirits in the community full of like-minded people for anyone and everyone no matter their ability or background.